Critical Hardware Procurement

When you need IT hardware on time, you can rely on Netgun.

Critical Hardware Procurement

However hard you try, things do go wrong. It is a fact of life. When it happens during a big IT project, it can be costly, both financially and in terms of reputation.

If you have an urgent need for network hardware, whatever the reason, whatever the project, Netgun can help.

Why use Netgun?

We are quick and reliable

With instant, guaranteed access to a wide range of European supply chains, our services are fast and efficient. Whether you need routing, switching, security products or peripherals, we have the relationships and contacts to get the equipment to you when you most need it.

We are cost-effective

Through our established network we can secure the best prices too – but not at the expense of quality. Our personal, hands-on approach adds additional value to the value you are already adding.

We are experts

As experts in our field, we understand the risks associated with any IT project. Even if you’ve been let down by your usual supplier, we can help. We are always up-to-date with the latest technology trends and developments, our experts will support you throughout the process and - as a vendor-neutral supplier - we will help you to select the most appropriate equipment for your requirements.

The manufacturers we specialise in include Cisco, HP, IBM and Juniper, however due to our extensive European wide supply chain we offer an almost comprehensive service.

By using Netgun you can be confident that we will provide reliable and appropriate IT equipment that delivers to the specific needs of your clients’ business, fast.  

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