IT Hardware Distribution

Across all your network hardware requirements, Netgun delivers.

IT Hardware Distribution

Choosing a distributor to supply your IT hardware seems easy. Many companies can provide a reseller with equipment from one or more of the leading vendors. But can you trust them to do it efficiently and at the best price? Do they have access to a breadth and depth of product? And are they providing the most appropriate technology for your clients’ needs?

When you work with Netgun, the answer to all those questions is yes.

Through extensive marketplace knowledge, Netgun executes the necessary due diligence to select trusted strategic partners and suppliers that enable us to provide you with a reliable alternative to vendor channels.

Companies using Netgun's IT distribution service tend to fall into one of two categories:

1. Those aligned with vendors through partnerships that need a trusted second source to aid with long lead-times and price competitive situations.

2. Those that are independent of vendor and require a distributor that can give them a competitive edge, expert advice and first-class service.

Why use Netgun?

We provide a single point of contact

Through our extensive European supplier network we have access to a wide range of technology from many of the top manufacturers. Sourcing hardware through Netgun will result in fewer bills to pay and many less relationships to manage, allowing you more time to focus on your relationship with the client.

We offer a low risk approach

When it comes to hardware, we make the difficult decisions for you. We do the research, develop the relationship and then assess the risk with the various suppliers so that we can provide you with the best possible options for your projects.

We provide advice and support

Our pre-sales and technical staff will provide you with invaluable advice on installation, integration and support, saving you time and money. We can help you choose the correct technology solution for you and your client.

As a distributor who is focused on network hardware, one that has vendors in complementary sectors, we know a lot about our market segment. This allows us to put together a solution for you that both fits the bill and is interoperable out of the box.

Our ability to supply a broad range of products and services also makes you more useful to your client. Rather than team up with another reseller, you can use Netgun as your partner, bringing additional value, expertise and technology to your service offering.

And we don’t just consider your clients. We want to help you, the reseller, to maximise your profitability too because if you are successful, we are successful.

When it comes to hardware distribution, you can trust Netgun to be efficient, impartial and cost-effective.

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